What are the benefits of legalizing illegal immigrants?

A lot of people say that immigration can be very detrimental to society. It takes jobs away from American citizens and reduces the minimum wage, but this is only partially true. Minimum wage is decreased because immigrants are willing to work for less, but this is actually beneficial to society. If the cost of labor decreases, then the demand for it will increase, providing more jobs all around. This is also passed on to the consumers because as the cost of production decreases, savings can be passed on to the customers. The goods produced will cost less and as the cost of an item goes down the demand for it increases, helping stimulate the economy.

American citizens complain that immigrants take away many jobs from them, but the truth is that many jobs that immigrants take are the ones that the citizens don’t want. If the citizens aren’t going to do them, then somebody has to. Between January and June, farmers posted ads for 1,160 farmworker positions, open to citizens, but only 233 citizens applied. People are needed to work the farm and if the citizens don’t want the job, then the immigrants will do it. A big misconception about immigrants is that they will cost the government money. A UCLA study shows that legalization will provide a 1.5 trillion dollar benefit in the economy, while deporting them would drain 2.5 billion.

Yes, this is only looking at the glass half full, which is only one view. There are many different views on how immigration can affect the economy, which brings up the following questions: Is it better to keep or remove the Arizona Immigration Laws? Would companies actually sell goods at lower prices if they had immigrant workers? What will happen to jobs that citizens won’t do, such as farming, if immigrants were deported?






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  1. m muntz says:

    The picture helps, especially since I have about four “Nicks” in my classes this year and your login contains no last name. Nice information and analysis. 10.

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