what are the results in the economy, how are the people taking it?

The results are that this law has caused controversy for Arizona state and others states. The results of the law being passed resulted in protests. The law expanded police duty and it allowed them to check anyone who was suspected of being an illegal immigrant. The law authorizes the officials to investigate the status of residency if the person is suspicious that the person is an illegal immigrant. The Rasmussen Reports polls indicated that there were 60 percent of Americans that were in favor, and 31 percent that were opposed to the legislation of stopping a vehicle and verify the legal documents of the person, to make sure they are an illegal immigrant. The Gallup poll found that 51 percent were opposed to the law and 39 percent in favor. The Angus Reid Public poll showed 71 percent of Americans supported the law because of reasonable suspicion. The New York Times/ CBS News poll found that 51 percent said it was a good approach to the problem, while 36 percent said the nation went o far, and 9 percent said that they should have gone more into depth.  64 percent of people think that they should allow the law to do its job instead of trying to stop it right away, while 57 percent thought that the federal government should be the responsible ones for determining the immigration law. There was a poll in the Arizona University done and the results were that a majority of voters opposed the Arizona Immigration Law it was a 81 percent the majority of the voters were Latinos. There was also a 58 percent of people that are/ were worried that this new legislation would violate the civil right of some of the U.S. citizens. The peoples reaction is taken different from both sides of the party some people say it really isn’t taking effect while others say it wasn’t harsh enough. There are people that oppose it and there are people that support it.

The welfare of the citizens of Arizona are being harmed, by the hold they put on the law and which the federal government refuses to enforces all immigration laws. If any individual cannot present his/her legal paper they can be arrested, and jailed for 6 months, and also fined for $2,500. All immigrants with this law are now expected to carry their documents with them at all times. Arizona supplies ICE with huge quantity’s of people to deal with, mostly when they are charged with minor offenses. This law strains ICE’s resources and it harms their ability to prioritize the real immigrants they have to target. ICE’s main goal is to target those immigrants that pose a danger to the nation, or to the public safety of others. ICE targets mainly immigrants that are suspected to be in terrorism or in espionage, immigrant who are convicted in crimes, as in gangs or criminal warrants. The main result is that people in Arizona now have to carry their legal documents everywhere they go, if they do not carry their documents with them at all times they are charged their first offense is a fine of $100 plus the court cost, even up to 20 days in jail, offenses can result in 30 days in jail. The second violation a fine of $1,000 and a maximum jail sentence of 6 months.





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One Response to what are the results in the economy, how are the people taking it?

  1. m muntz says:

    You didn’t answer your question! Your research is complete, analysis is a little lacking, and you don’t have a second (follow up) question. 7/10

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