What are Benefits of the Arizona Immigration Law?

Many people say that immigration can help our economy in the long run, this in reality is partially true but there are costs. Such costs include increased crime, and obviously soothe our out of control border situation. Others however would say that it is unconstitutional it refuse these people in search of a new start into our home, but in truth the law won’t stop people from entering legally its those entering illegally such as drug runners and criminals running from their past. Though many oppose the law there are many benefits to having it in place.

The first reason why having such a law in place would benefit the U.S is that it will lower crime level.  Evidence to support this would be statistics that show that in some states      12 % of felonies, 25% of burglaries and 34% of thefts are committed by illegal immigrants.  Also one only has to look to Mexico to see what is happening right now, where drug gangs are killing innocence and law enforcement in a conflict to control delivery of illegal drugs to our homes. No American citizen would want to bring in violence to our homeland, to our children.  If the Arizona Immigration Law is in effect we will be able to weed out the criminal from the honest citizens seeking a new home. For example In June 2004, Enrique Sousa Alvarez, who was an illegal alien, violently kidnapped a 9 year old girl from her home, then held her prisoner for three days, and repeatedly sexually abused her before releasing her at a convenience store parking lot. He was eventually caught but, if the immigration law was enforcement this abomination may have not even entered our treasured country and saved a family agonizing pain.  This law will control our border problem and encourage people to enter legally if they truly want to enter our beloved country.

Furthermore the costs of not having the Arizona Immigration Law endanger our people and increase crime rates and even fuel our drug war that we have fought so hard to douse.  It isn’t limiting rights, its just protecting our own. If Mexicans want to live in our country then they should enter legally. In conclusion supporting Arizona’s Immigration Law would not only benefit Arizona but also provide a safer country and a drug free one.




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One Response to What are Benefits of the Arizona Immigration Law?

  1. mlmuntz says:

    You have some good information, but you need to connect it more specifically to economic issues. Also there is no follow up question. 8.5/10

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