Why is it hard to get citizenship for immigrants?

The argument non-supporters of the Arizona Law make is that it is too difficult for immigrants to obtain citizenship. To an extent this is certainly true. First an applicant must apply for “naturalization” and go through the necessary steps such as entering the country lawfully, be educated and the correct age. This sounds rather intimidating and even quite challenging at first glimpse.

The first step is that the applicant must first enter the country legally and then continuously live in the U.S for five consecutive years or three for spouses of citizens. After they’ve achieved this the next stepping stone is that they must be over the age of eighteen to obtain naturalization or have their parents file their applicant for them, young children under five typically don’t need to meet the five-year residence.

The third phase is quite possibly the hardest and where most turn away. The applicant must be able to speak, write, read and understand basic English, the only possible exemption are specific older applicants. Also they must have a knowledge of U.S history, politics and government. Finally comes the examine that all immigrants must past to obtain naturalization.

Overall the steps to obtain U.S. citizenship is a long and grueling process making it very intimidating for immigrants to even attempt to give it their best shot.

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One Response to Why is it hard to get citizenship for immigrants?

  1. mmuntz says:

    you leave no sources, and no followup question!

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