Indiana to model Arizona’s Immigration Law

Ever since State Senator Mike Delph (R) has arrived in the Senate, he has been advocating for a bill similar to Arizona’s Immigration Law for his own state of Indiana. There were about 55,000 to 85,000 illegal immigrants living in India as of 2006. Although he has pushed for many immigration bills in the past few years, none of them have passed so far. Delph believes that because of the inaction of the federal government on immigration issues, states have the right to pass their own laws regarding immigration. Delph also asserts that because America is a “melting pot,” all official state documents need to be issued in English because it binds Americans together. We cannot have a melting pot if there are different languages and factions who do not join the melting pot.

Along with trying to reduce the amount of crime believed to be caused by illegal immigrants, the Indiana immigration law would also include a proposal that would punish businesses who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. After a third offense, the business could lose its license. I feel that, especially in this economy, businesses should not be punished as severely as Delph is proposing. There should just be a regulation that makes it less profitable to hire illegal workers. The business should not have to shut down because of it. The reason illegal immigrants come to America is because they know they have a chance of being employed. Even if the wages are less compared to the rest of the Americans, compared to what they would make in their own country, it is better for them to find jobs in America. By making it less profitable to hire illegal immigrants, businesses will not want to hire them, decreasing the incentives for illegal immigrants to come to America in the first place.

Because we are unable to discern the full amount of dependence our economy has on illegal immigrants, the effects of this proposal of penalizing businesses who hire illegal immigrants is still uncertain. This leads to some questions. Will immigrants stop coming to America if there are no jobs available to them? If immigrants do stop coming to America, will consumer prices go up? Will this eventually hurt the world economy?,0,6304344.story

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2 Responses to Indiana to model Arizona’s Immigration Law

  1. mmuntz says:

    Good overall. but why do you talk about India halfway through the post? ( “illegal immigrants living in India as of 2006” ).


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