Why did we choose this topic?

Christine C: I chose immigration because it has always been a huge problem and a source of controversy. Especially because we live in California, where there are a lot of immigrants–both legal and illegal– it is important to know about policies pertaining to immigration and its legal status. My own parents are legal immigrants, as are many of the citizens of the United States, but there are many illegal immigrants here too.¬†Immigration has also been an issue that has been covered in the midterm election, such as the controversy with Meg Whitman and maid, who was an illegal alien.

Nicholas L: The reason that I chose immigrations is that it seems to be a problem that doesn’t ever go away. It is interesting to see immigration to appear on the the news one day and just disappear the next, even though it is not something that never really goes away. Though it is a hot topic only part of the time, it is always present. A more recent topic that is related to immigration, which seems to capture the public’s eye, is the Arizona Immigration Laws. This law requires police to question anyone they suspect as an immigrant, which is basically racial profiling. I find this law to be unfair and believe that it should be removed.


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